Corsis corpus tool

Corsis (formerly Tenka Text) is a now an open source project at Sourceforge. It is a freeware designed to look and feel like the commercial software and corpus tool standard, Wordsmith Tools. For more details and download see the Corsis main page.More


This tutorial will look at ways to make more specific search terms by using wildcards in Antconc. So you have found an interesting word to focus on… a verb perhaps. The problem is verbs have more than one form. The verb “play”, for example, also has forms such as “plays” (the thirds person singular), “playing”…More


This tutorial will look at some of the ways to enhance your concordance searches and views for Antconc. So you have made concordance lines. But you cannot see any “pattern” in the lines. What you need to do is sort them. Sort Under the Search Term box are some controls labeled “KWIC sort”. KWIC stands…More

Opening files; word list; concordance

This tutorial will teach you the basics of using the Antconc concordancer. Run the Antconc program. In order to analyse a corpus we need to 1) open a file or files, 2) make a word list of it, and 3) make concordance lines. Strictly speaking making a word list is not a necessary step in…More

How to convert Word Document files into plain-text files

In order to use the contents of a Word Document (“.doc” or “.docx” extension) in a concordancer it must be converted or saved as a plain text file (“.txt” extension). I will outline two different ways you can do this below. Method 1 (recommended) open the document in Word, do a “select all” (ctrl+A), “copy”…More