Errors in JACET 8000 Level Marker

I have been using the JACET8000 Level Marker (new link here) page for my research. It is a great tool. And I would like to thank the creator, Shinichi Shimizu, for it. However, when I checked the output I had found a number of errors. Below is a list of words which have been incorrectly…More

KH Coder

KH Coder is a corpus linguistic tool for Japanese texts. Follow this link to learn more about Japanese corpus linguistics.More

A Wordsmith Tools discussion list

Mike Scott, the creator of Wordsmith Tools has a mailing list by that name. The archive is open to public, but to post one must become a member of the list, pending approval.More

Fixing the ‘Range check error’ in Range

I finally got Paul Nation’s Range program to work with my base word files, thanks to S.F.. The problem was in the fact I had unnecessary tabs and carriage returns between word families. But not having a digit after each word (like the original files) didn’t seem to affect the program’s performance.More

Speaking isn’t the key

… most students learn how to speak English by actually speaking it. This comment original made in a letter to a Taiwanese newspaper about how teachers should make sure students produce a lot of L2 language while in classroom echoes the sentiment and attitude of many teachers in Japan. It could well have been a…More