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I have fond memories of my undergraduate days as a Japanese major. To me they were exciting times. The world was seemingly spinning at a furious pace. The people I met were doing things, going places. My future was ahead of me. My future now, of course, is still ahead of me (metaphorically, can it…More

Internet security

that warm fuzzy feeling one gets when one connects to the internet and finds the servers are not down.More


An awful mispelling of ‘the reader’ by ignorant postmodern scholars. See all linguine-istics. (What are linguine-istics?)More

What are ‘linguine-istics’?

Linguine-istics are humourous definitions of words and phrase. for example: Linguine-istics – the study of humourous language that is just right (al dente). They are to be regular feature on this blog and are categorized under linguine-istics. Click here to see all.More