The History of English in Ten Minutes (or we have a short attention span)

Here is the YouTube version of the great little podcast The History of English in Ten Minutes produced by Open University. As a matter of fact the history of English can be summarized in ten seconds with the chapter titles: Anglo-Saxon The Norman Conquest Shakespeare The King James Bible The English of Science English and…More

South Western Russia origin of English a Turkey

It seems English, an Indo-European language, isn’t from south western Russia or north eastern India as once thought but closer to home in Turkey. it is also much older than previous excepted theory by 4,000 years. Known as the Anatolia hypothesis it was suggested in 1980s and given strength now.More

iPhone mobile projector

Here is a nice portable projector for your iPhone 4/4S. As usual Jetdaisuke gives an entertaining review. Here are the key points: bright at 35 lumens maximum projection size 1524 cm (yes, centimitres) 120min battery life works as a OHP (overhead projector) with your camera With external speakers you can add sound to your presentations.…More

Three ways to improve your use of prepositions

Here are three quick and dirty ways to get to know your prepositions: Read a Book There are books out there, like anything else, specifically geared towards learning and understanding prepositions. One that I recommend is English Prepositions Explained by Seth Lindstromberg. It approaches it from a cognitive linguistic perspectives that, in my opinion, works…More


The first day of the JASELE conference in Nagoya has finished. Great to be there with all my fellow postgraduates, teachers, colleagues and friends. Heard some good talks and as usual I learnt a lot. But I am ashamed to say that I still feel like the outsider when it comes to conferences. I don’t…More

Surface or iPad? That is the question.

I have been tossing about which tablet to buy. For me the question is productivity-based – I want to be able do word processing on the road. Lugging around a PC hasn’t been fun. And often I just give up. But look at my choices I see that Microsoft is coming out with their Surface…More