A metaphor …

This was a random anonymous quote for me from the WordPress team: “A metaphor is like a simile.” As a metaphor scholar I rather like it. But I wonder are my blogs being turned into a corpus database for their purposes?More

Cinema and academic research

I have a love-hate relationship with movies. Some days I hate it to the max. The pointlessness and waste-of-time productions that consists of most films. Then some days I love it when I come across a great piece of cinema. One of my favourite films Kinema no Tenchi (The World of Cinema) is directed by…More

No Egg in Eggplant

Of course there is no egg in eggplant. Apparently the name comes from a white egg-shaped variety cultivated by 18th century Europeans. More interesting is the original name ‘aubergine’ which (according to Concise Oxford Dictionary) has its roots from Arabic and therefore the route (no pun intended, again) through which it made its way into…More