Wait for the full Microsoft Surface with Windows 8

Apparently the released version of the Microsoft Surface version this week isn’t the full version. The version now is more like a tablet (example: Apple iPad) with an app store. This means it cannot do productivity stuff yet. But according to this video the 2013 version will be running Windows 8 (think next version of…More

Body language and changing your behaviour

Body language is known to tell you a lot about a person. In a reversal in thinking Amy Cuddy in this TED presentation talks about how controlling or changing your body language can change your behaviour and frame of mind. Time for my big stretch … if you get what I mean.More

No ham in hamburger

Firstly, the patty in hamburgers are made from ground beef. So definitely no ham there. But more importantly the term ‘hamburger’ refers to people from Hamburg in Germany (like ‘Londoner’) from whom this dish is supposed to have come from. ‘Burg’ in old German means ‘castle’. The ‘Ham’ in Hamburg is still in dispute. Ham…More

Aris Venetikidis on maps in the brain

Here is a nice talk on how we map out our world in terms of getting from Point A to Point B. The key to making sense of things is simplification. Firstly, we represent getting somewhere by a series of landmarks. Secondly, no matter how windy a route is from two points our brains represent…More