remembrance of seen smile heard cries come to nought without input into this vast machine detach the lines vanished functionality love & hate – a memory with no outlet for your emotionMore


Also ear ring. A humming sound the middle-age hear (“here”) that seem to come from no particular direction (“here”).More


Short for Key Word In Context. It is a way of looking at a search term (type) in a concordance program with the keyword centred so as to see the patterns created by the other words, its context. Below is an example of a concordance search of the term ‘violence’ in a corpus. The words…More

Five or Seven Sentence Patterns?

While the seven sentence pattern description is the norm in English linguistics today there still persists the use of five sentence description in some non-English speaking countries like Japan which teach English as a foreign language. Essentially the seven sentence pattern is a five sentence pattern with the extra two pattern as extensions of SVA…More


The unique form of the tokens (words) in a corpus. Often accompanied by frequency data. Meaning is treated as secondary. Corpus linguistic analysis does not directly reveal the various meanings of a word. This must be inferred from its usage. In corpus linguistics this usually done by concordancing, collocations, clusters, etc.More


The individual forms (words) of a corpus. The sum of the tokens is the size of the corpus. The term contrasts with type in order to distinguish how we are observing the form, whether as one instance in the corpus (token), or as combined instances relating to its frequency within a corpus (type).More