20,000 English teachers for Japan by 2019

The Japanese government is planning to increase the number of Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) to 20,000 by 2019. Although the acronym stands for any language by and large English is the only language that is taught in schools in Japan. Outsourcing has been the trend of late but this may mark the return of government-based…More

What is the difference between an “app” and a “program”?

Typically it is best to think programs and apps as the same thing with different names, just like cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons which technically these three storms are the same thing. So an app and program are just the same thing with different names. In common usage though you will never call a something running…More

The Philosophy Of Vesper

Two decisions by Vesper still baffle me. Why there is no landscape keyboard, and, more importantly, why is there no iPad version? Vesper is designed to be as simple and as minimal as possible, that I understand. But sometimes things can be oversimplistic to be useful. I suppose Vesper developers don’t use a cover-style case…More

Byword – Short Review

This app is great for text-oriented content blog posting. It directly links to WordPress, Tumblr, Evernote, Blogger and Scriptogr.am. You can also export as HTML and PDF to the Cloud, iTunes or share through various means in another app, Twitter or Facebook email and Message as well as copy as HTML. Byword also supports Markdown…More

An ultra-wide iPad coming in 2014?

I hear rumours that the iPad is getting larger with the next generation (October 2014?). If it is wide enough then I could probably use the touch screen keyboard in portrait and get a lot more viewing screen real estate. That could make the need for an external keyboard less likely. If the width is…More

iOS8, iOS9, UX Write, Pages, Microsoft Word, Writing

There are two reasons why you would want to use UX Write over Apple Pages. The first is that UX Write supports the .docx format better than Pages. Secondly, UX Write is the only word processing app I am aware of that does auto-correct with an external keyboard. Even after the iOS8 update Pages does…More

Wireless JIS keyboard finally works properly with iOS8!

I am happy to report that Apple finally got something right with iOS8. The JIS wireless keyboard problem I had been blogging about seems to have been fixed once and for all! All the apps that have not worked with an external keyboard now seems to work. I have tested so far Notability Twitter Gmail…More

UX Write – printing troubleshooting

There are two methods which work for printing .docx documents created in UX Write. Method 1: from the Export Menu select ‘Create PDF’ (check your typesetting is set to ‘Webkit’) once the PDF is created from the Export Menu select ‘Open in’, then select your printer app print from within the printer app Method 2:…More

Five good reasons why you want to choose UX Write for iPad

UX Write is an iOS app for really serious word processing. There are five big reasons why you want to use this for, say, writing a PhD thesis. Firstly, since February 2013 UX Write has been the best .docx supported app for the iOS. This means what you write in UX Write can be used…More