heaviness of rain

more than white noise the drone continues through the night in dark sleep the overflow gutters my one exposed ear until light reveals the heaviness of the rain frogs frolic wetly green suits shining and birds shelter in the eaves leaving reluctantly  at my presence as warnings come over the air wavesMore


peak of darkness the largest hour the sun is at its lowest hidden beneath the earth seemingly under ground the stars pinhole the sky wall the half-moon noticeably crawls across the black and the air falls upon me – my ominous blanket that keeps me coldMore

Beyond dialogue

With post-Periscope here we now have what can be considered not dialogue but what I shall call plura-logue.  Conversations no longer static or deferred but dynamic and immediate. It is also dialogue with one and many simultaneously. More

How to set up and use iPhone VoiceOver for Periscope

Do you want to drive and Periscope at the same time but feel it is unsafe (let alone it being illegal in some places)? Well, there is a solution. It is called VoiceOver. 1. Set up VoiceOver Firstly, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut and check VoiceOver 2. Start a broadcast Now…More

Ben Crystal lectures in Japan

I heard Shakespearean actor, Ben Crystal, talk today. My interest in Shakespeare – which had wained with my miscomprehension or un-comprehension of it in my youth – had returned with the revelation that what I had been watching until now had been inauthentic. Ben had pointed out that modern performances had tended towards Received Pronunciation (RP)…More

Published international research low by Japanese

Compared to the world growth in publishing at eighty-percent Japan is falling behind at just 14%.  Figures given this morning showed exchange to America has fallen from the peak of over 47,000 students to under 19,000. Furthermore, money put into research has dropped dramatically.  If Japan is to compete academically it will need to increase…More

Should it have been called ‘Brexit’?

As someone who works with words and like words I am always scrutinising it wherever I look. So I was curious as to why the referendum in the United Kingdom for whether to stay in the European Union or not was christened as Brexit, a portmanteau for ‘British Exit’ even before the vote had gone…More

What is wrong with rationalism?

The assumptions. Rationalism assumes that reason gives us all knowledge. It overrides emotion and belief. It also override the senses as the path to truth. It is directly opposed to empiricism. Reason takes on a mysticism similar to that of the soul, whereby a body is unnecessary. So it is part of the mind-body problem…More