The “hidden” poverty in Japan and its effect on the future

A documentary on tonight’s NHK titled “The Hidden Poverty” said 1-in-6 children are under the living in poverty. Only until recently has the government began surveying this. What makes it hidden is that families are finding ways to make ends meet but at the expense of the children education. Some senior high school students are taking on…More

Why I am over buying interactive ebooks 

There are some great books in interactive media format for iOS devices. Two that I regularly read for fun are The Philosophy Book and The DK Illustrated Bible – Story by Story (no, I am not Christian. I am still a devout Buddhist). They make reading on the iPad and iPhone fun.  Or they did. …More

Notes for setting up Periscope Producer on OBS

In order to start using OBS with your Periscope account you need to first activate Periscope Producer. Here are the steps. apply for Periscope Producer here after receiving your confirmation email force restart your Periscope go to Settings > Advanced Sources take note of your source connection information Start OBS and go to Settings >…More

How to take a screenshot on MacOS

To take a screenshot of the entire screen display press command+shift+3. To take a portion of the screen press command+shift+4 click and drag to the diagonal corner of the desired area. To take a screen of a particular window or menu press command+shift+4 press space bar place cursor over desired window click mouse button or touchpadMore

Why we should care about literacy?

While you are reading this you should think about how effortlessly you are doing so. And by being able to you are have (I hope) learnt something valuable. At least we, as human beings, have connected. According to Derrida, writing is marked by absence. what he means by this is that the containers we call…More

Talk about search engine dominance

Just how dominant is Google as a search engine portal? Let’s just say of the 221,721 search referrals to my blog over a nine year period 95% are from Google, 2% from Bing, and 1% from Yahoo!. The remaining two percent is made up of various smaller search engines. While the true market share of the search engines…More

What I have learnt from linguistics

There isn’t a day that each and everyone for us doesn’t use language in some way. We need it to communicate and interact with people. Unless you live by yourself in a remote forest or island we will use language. Languages are not made equal. What I mean by this is that languages, like everything…More

A quick introduction to Japanese syntax and particles

The Japanese language is considered syntactically a Subject-Object-Verb or SOV language in contrast to English which is considered a subject-Verb-Object or SVO language, as these two example sentences will show. (1) Ken wa (S) tama wo (O) uchimashita (V). (2) Ken (S) hit (V) the ball (O). While it is not possible to move the syntactical elements around in English without a changing…More


私の考え方では文法用語は大事なのに十分教えていると思わない。または教えてもただ日本語訳だけ与える。それは教えていると言えない。 全て知るも必要ではない。幾つかの役に立つ用語だけで良いと思う。どれが役に立つだろう?そして幾つの用語が必要だろう?私にとってはたったの13だけで十分と思う。二種類で一つの種類は8、もう一つの種類は5。これです。一種類目は 名詞 動詞 形容詞 副詞 代名詞 冠詞 前置詞 接続詞 と二種類目 主語 動詞 補語 目的語 副詞句 気づいてほしいのは【動詞】が両方の種類に入っていること。その理由は用語では動詞少なくても二つの意味がある。なぜこういう風に種類を二つに分ければとわかってたら動詞の二つの意味も覚えるだろう。 一つ目の種類は「語彙の変化仕方」タイプと考えれば良いだ。もう一つの種類は「文の中の役割」タイプと考えれば良いだ。 語彙を辞書に引くと一つ目の用語しか出てこない。なぜかというと名詞は主語のところでも、目的語のところでも(文の中の役割関係なく)同じ名詞のだ。このワンポイント覚えておきましょう。More