Periscope Tip: scope length

I had a great blab with Masashi (@soycamino), Keizo (@kanji_k) and Dave (@DaveinOsaka) yesterday. It was my first time to Blab. It is not as fun as Periscope but then again Blab is for a different purpose altogether.  One thing I had learned from Dave in the short short time that he was there was…More

Periscope, speech and writing

If Saussure and Derrida were alive today they would have loved Periscope (well, maybe not).  Perhaps currently the most significant live broadcast service Periscope brings interaction to video by combining live streaming with (not so) old-fashion text chat. This is why it made sense for Twitter to invest in Periscope.  By separating (or rather merging)…More

Periscope as a teaching tool

What is Periscope? Periscope is a live broadcast service that combines the best of video and instant messaging. The “scoper” or presenter broadcasts live while the viewers instant message the scoper and other viewers. It is like Skype except only only one person is on screen. And It is like a instant messaging chatroom while everyone…More

Essential Teaching iOS Apps on the iPad and iPhone (2016) 

Another productive year has passed by. This year is the first year for me to work with the iPad Mini 3 and iPhone 6S. Most of the apps are not new, meaning many are tried and tested apps. By far my most used app for teaching is GoodNotes. The reason for this is that it is…More

The new LibraryThing iOS app review

App Name: LibraryThing Related Website: Version reviewed: 1.0.1 Price: Free Release Date: 19 October 2015 Introduction LibraryThing this year is celebrating its 10th anniversary as an online service. It is a book cataloging service for creating database of your books as well as connecting you to other people with similar reading interests. This is…More

Classroom productivity with Voice Memo

Apple’s preloaded Voice Memo has now become a more useable app for the classroom. The user interface is cleaner now with navigation easier. Trimming and deleting parts of the recording is simplified and saving files with appropriate titles streamlined. The app also allows upload to Dropbox which means easy sharing and archiving. AirDrop again means…More

How many apps have I downloaded?

Apple reports that iOS apps downloaded from the App Store have now totalled 100 billion. Considering that 1 billion devices have been sold that is on average 100 apps per device. And considering that there are 1.5 million unique apps on the Store that is an average of 66,667 downloads per app.   Personally, I…More

Evidence of “language” in birds

It took a while but we have first evidence that an animal other than human beings use meaningless sounds to convey meaning, similar to how we form words or grammar. It has always been foolish of us to think we are the only species which does so. More

A quick comparison between my Apple iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air

I’ve had my new Apple iPad Mini 3 (64GB, cellular model) for a couple of weeks now and it has become my favourite iOS device (I have an iPhone 5S (16GB) and iPad Air (16GB, wi-fi model)). Compared to the iPad Air the iPad Mini 3 feels better, more balanced when handheld. The iPad Air…More

How to get sub 1-minute times for timer in iOS Clock

One of the annoying features in the iOS Clock is that the minimum time for the timer is 1 minute. There are no ‘seconds’ increments that you can select from. For that most people download non-proprietary apps to get this feature. However, if you don’t want to download anything more you can still get sub…More