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A Simple Guide to Using AntConc now in French

A Simple Guide to Using AntConc is now available in French! A big thanks to Stefania Solofrizzo for doing the translation on her own volition and nice enough to send it to me to share with you.

A Simple Guide to Using AntConc (English)
Un Guide Simple Pour Utiliser AntConc (français) translation by Stefania Solofrizzo (thanks again!).

Download AntConc

A copy of AntConc (Laurence Anthony’s excellent corpus linguistic program) can be obtained from:


[Update] And here is my short tutorial on how to use it.

A simple guide to using Antconc

I have created a file about using Antconc, a concordancing program by Laurence Anthony at Waseda University. You can find it here. The latest version was created on 5 March 2011.

Online concordancing

If you require just a simple concordancer then go to Concordancer at http://ec.hku.hk/vocabulary/concordancer.htm. It give only counts and highlights of the search term with no KWIC.

ConcApp 5

The concordancer software ConcApp (version 5) has now become purchaseware. It is an easy to use program recommended for those learning to use corpus and concordancers. Its best feature, though, is that it can be used for not only English and French texts but also Japanese (tested), Chinese, Thai and Russian.

While it is purchaseware it is reasonably priced (USD20 as of posting), well worth it if you are in need of concordancing in languages other than English.

Just The Word

I found this online concordancer called JustTheWord. It looks like it was made for teachers to search for (Japanese) student errors.

KH Coder

kh coder logo
KH Coder is a corpus linguistic tool for Japanese texts. Follow this link to learn more about Japanese corpus linguistics.

A Wordsmith Tools discussion list

wordsmith tools 5.0
Mike Scott, the creator of Wordsmith Tools has a mailing list by that name. The archive is open to public, but to post one must become a member of the list, pending approval.