How to set up and use iPhone VoiceOver for Periscope

Do you want to drive and Periscope at the same time but feel it is unsafe (let alone it being illegal in some places)? Well, there is a solution. It is called¬†VoiceOver. 1. Set up VoiceOver Firstly, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut and check VoiceOver 2. Start a broadcast Now…More

How to get sub 1-minute times for timer in iOS Clock

One of the annoying features in the iOS Clock is that the minimum time for the timer is 1 minute. There are no ‘seconds’ increments that you can select from. For that most people download non-proprietary apps to get this feature. However, if you don’t want to download anything more you can still get sub…More

Byword – Short Review

This app is great for text-oriented content blog posting. It directly links to WordPress, Tumblr, Evernote, Blogger and You can also export as HTML and PDF to the Cloud, iTunes or share through various means in another app, Twitter or Facebook email and Message as well as copy as HTML. Byword also supports Markdown…More

UX Write – printing troubleshooting

There are two methods which work for printing .docx documents created in UX Write. Method 1: from the Export Menu select ‘Create PDF’ (check your typesetting is set to ‘Webkit’) once the PDF is created from the Export Menu select ‘Open in’, then select your printer app print from within the printer app Method 2:…More

Is it really GoodNotes vs Notability?

I have been using both GoodNotes and Notability for a bit now. Both purchases were made after recommendations and some research. Most people seem to pit these two against each other as if they are rivals. But I beg to differ. I’ll tell you why at the end.More

iPhone mobile projector

Here is a nice portable projector for your iPhone 4/4S. As usual Jetdaisuke gives an entertaining review. Here are the key points: bright at 35 lumens maximum projection size 1524 cm (yes, centimitres) 120min battery life works as a OHP (overhead projector) with your camera With external speakers you can add sound to your presentations.…More

Apple Digital AV Adapter for iPhone/iPad

Wow. Who needs a computer anymore when you have an iPhone or iPad. With this digital AV adapter you can do your powerpoint presentations from your igear. Check out jetdaisuke‘s video on YouTube (sorry, in Japanese but you can get an idea of how it works).More

Manage your extensive reading lending library with BookBuddy

Do you run an extensive reading (ER) course? Do you have trouble keeping track of book in your lending library? If you said yes, to both questions then this may be the solution for you. BookBuddy 4.0 is an iPhone and iPad, iPod Touch app. Features include: barcode scanning online ISBN search and save backup…More