metaphors we live by

“There’s just too much friction between us.” “It’s not my fault.” RELATIONSHIPS ARE GEOLOGICAL FEATURES.More

long time know sea

no time 
 passes between 
 the coma 
 of friendship The more I study language the more I find the emptiness of words. I do not mean words are empty but that words are now containers to me than I had once thought. No longer do words hold a power over me. I have…More

Two new books on metaphor

Two recent books on metaphors worth looking at is Raymond Gibbs and Herbert Colston’s Interpreting Figurative Meaning and Benjamin K. Bergen’s Louder Than Words. Gibbs and Colston approaches metaphorical meaning from psycholinguistics and neuroscience while Bergen looks at meaning from the cutting-edge perspective of neuroimaging. Both are worth a look. The Gibbs/Colston is harder to…More

Teaching function words: the cognitive and corpus perspectives

I will be giving a presentation on function words, what we can learn from corpora about them, how we understnad them in light of conceptual metaphor theory and what this all means for second language teaching. The venue and date: PanSIG @ Hiroshima University, 16 June 2012.More