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heaviness of rain

more than white noise
the drone continues
through the night

in dark sleep
the overflow gutters
my one exposed ear
until light reveals
the heaviness
of the rain

frogs frolic wetly
green suits shining
and birds shelter
in the eaves
leaving reluctantly 
at my presence
as warnings come
over the air waves


peak of darkness
the largest hour

the sun
is at its lowest
hidden beneath
the earth
under ground

the stars
pinhole the sky wall
the half-moon
noticeably crawls
across the black

and the air
falls upon me –
my ominous blanket
that keeps me cold


remembrance of
seen smile
heard cries
come to nought
without input
into this vast machine

detach the lines
vanished functionality
love & hate –
a memory
with no outlet
for your emotion

metamorphosisyphus thesis

push along push up

boulders ever bolder 

no end in sight

a page at a time 

every single word 

is laborious 

as long as i am 

not rejected 

i will continue

incorrect syntax

the grammar police are here
and now i must ask for forgiveness
for my syns.
that i have to pay for in

the embodied

when exactly
does one
come to understand
the embodied mind?

concepts wholly
spaces blend
in ways possible

the very thing
reality is not –
that is, the word

put simply,
your metaphors
no longer fool


Of lexis
Repetitive, regular,
Becomes you.

Well proportioned
Law abiding
Zip(f) in nature
Nothing above ‘the’.

Is everywhere.
Typical of you,
Token, your words.

long time know sea

no time 

passes between 

the coma 

of friendship

The more I study language the more I find the emptiness of words.

I do not mean words are empty but that words are now containers to me than I had once thought. No longer do words hold a power over me. I have stripped it of its special place. It is not a mystery anymore.

The poem above hinges on the word ‘coma’. Like a coma victim coming out of his or her long slumber no time passes. Before the sleep the world was a certain time and place. After the sleep the it could be that months, years or decades have passed. For the victim time is lost. For the awake much has happened in that time.

Friendship just seems like this where time has been forgotten people still seem to be the same after the period of separation.

This is not true, of course. People change. You just don’t notice it. Like the mind, words can deceive.


the node
has centre stage
as always, egotistical
to no end
handsome as a lover
heavy as a smoker
frequent to haunt joints
come keep him company
for loneliness is an eyesore