Triangle of meaning

This year, at the urging of a friend, I presented at the APU Asia Pacific Conference. I was rather impressed with the panel organisation and level of research done there. While my paper did not fit perfectly into the type of research done there, it was enough to fit in with concepts and ideas presented…More

Zamurai Mobile Whiteboard – Short Review

Back in the 1990s I was fascinated with electronic whiteboards. These things work like ordinary whiteboards on which you would write then press a button to print the content of the whiteboard for copying and distribution. It was better than taking a photograph, print or nowadays digital. The problem back then and still now is…More

iPhone mobile projector

Here is a nice portable projector for your iPhone 4/4S. As usual Jetdaisuke gives an entertaining review. Here are the key points: bright at 35 lumens maximum projection size 1524 cm (yes, centimitres) 120min battery life works as a OHP (overhead projector) with your camera With external speakers you can add sound to your presentations.…More

Zen and (the Art of) English Language Teaching

I will be giving a talk at the Hiroshima JET Orientation on 15 August 2012 entitled Zen and (the Art of) English Language Teaching. It will be about what we can learn from Zen and apply it to teaching English on the JET Programme, in which I was had been a participant. Before I was…More

Teaching function words: the cognitive and corpus perspectives

I will be giving a presentation on function words, what we can learn from corpora about them, how we understnad them in light of conceptual metaphor theory and what this all means for second language teaching. The venue and date: PanSIG @ Hiroshima University, 16 June 2012.More