Published international research low by Japanese

Compared to the world growth in publishing at eighty-percent Japan is falling behind at just 14%.  Figures given this morning showed exchange to America has fallen from the peak of over 47,000 students to under 19,000. Furthermore, money put into research has dropped dramatically.  If Japan is to compete academically it will need to increase…More

metamorphosisyphus thesis

push along push up 
boulders ever bolder 
 no end in sight 
a page at a time 
 every single word 
 is laborious 
 as long as i am 
 not rejected 
 i will continueMore

What is research?

“If you ask a group of graphologists to study the same piece of handwriting, they all come out with different interpretations. It’s no different from astrology or numerology.” From an article on the science of Graphology One of the most important things about research is that it should repeatable or be open to replication. So…More

Apple Digital AV Adapter for iPhone/iPad

Wow. Who needs a computer anymore when you have an iPhone or iPad. With this digital AV adapter you can do your powerpoint presentations from your igear. Check out jetdaisuke‘s video on YouTube (sorry, in Japanese but you can get an idea of how it works).More

A lesson from running

I ran into a retired professor who had taught me during my Masters degree recently. He had taught me about the difference between study and research (let’s leave that one for another post). Being the teacher that he is he told me about his chance meeting of an old coach of the ekiden (Japanese style…More