The new LibraryThing iOS app review

App Name: LibraryThing Related Website: Version reviewed: 1.0.1 Price: Free Release Date: 19 October 2015 Introduction LibraryThing this year is celebrating its 10th anniversary as an online service. It is a book cataloging service for creating database of your books as well as connecting you to other people with similar reading interests. This is…More

Skitch – Quick Review

Have you ever wanted to annotate an image to highlight something important and had to resort to low-tech techniques like using the default Paint program in Windows? Are you looking for a better alternative? Look no further. Skitch is the quick and easy way to add annotation to your images. Overview Skitch, by Evernote, is…More

Zamurai Mobile Whiteboard – Short Review

Back in the 1990s I was fascinated with electronic whiteboards. These things work like ordinary whiteboards on which you would write then press a button to print the content of the whiteboard for copying and distribution. It was better than taking a photograph, print or nowadays digital. The problem back then and still now is…More

Manage your extensive reading lending library with BookBuddy

Do you run an extensive reading (ER) course? Do you have trouble keeping track of book in your lending library? If you said yes, to both questions then this may be the solution for you. BookBuddy 4.0 is an iPhone and iPad, iPod Touch app. Features include: barcode scanning online ISBN search and save backup…More