Clipboard hack for R in MAC

When I first started using the statistical software R for statistics I had started on a Windows computer. For here the copying and pasting function is read.table(“clipboard”, header=T) The exact same function on a MAC computer is read.table(pipe(“pbpaste”), header=T) Simple as that. I’d someone had told me this¬†much earlier.More

Big data, Japan and education

I like data. And I like data when it is big. The Ministry of Education, Sports, Culture and Science and Technology (MEXT) in Japan announced that it will promote the use of big data. According to a source quoted in an article in today’s Japan News only 6.8 percent of 1,100 companies surveyed said they utilise big…More

Talk about search engine dominance

Just how dominant is Google as a search engine portal? Let’s just say of the 221,721 search referrals to my blog over a nine year period 95% are from Google, 2% from Bing, and 1% from Yahoo!. The remaining two percent is made up of various smaller search engines. While the true market share of the search engines…More

How many apps have I downloaded?

Apple reports that iOS apps downloaded from the App Store have now totalled 100 billion. Considering that 1 billion devices have been sold that is on average 100 apps per device. And considering that there are 1.5 million unique apps on the Store that is an average of 66,667 downloads per app.   Personally, I…More

Keywords List – AntConc

The keywords list in AntConc is, as the name suggests, a tool to create a list of keywords. To do this your target corpus is compared to a reference corpus. The target and reference corpora do not need to be of the same size. The comparison is then done statistically. The statistics in AntConc used…More

Statistical terms – measurement

Generally, there are four data types in statistics: nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio. Nominal data as the name suggests is characterize data by name. For example, the categorization of someone as male or female is nominal data. There is no order or rank between nominal data or only difference. Ordinal data is data which can…More