About Warren M Tang

I am currently Assistant Professor at Fukuyama University in Hiroshima, Japan.

My current areas of research are

  • a theory of object metaphors
  • metaphorical usages of function words from quantitative data
  • Buddhism as an access point to understand the nature of language
  • grammar, particularly syntax not based on universal grammar


English language teaching, second language acquisition, Cognitive Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics, syntax, English phonology, prepositions, function words, conceptual metaphors, relevance theory, zen and communication.


  • PhD Candidate (Applied Linguistics, Hiroshima University)
  • M.Ed (Applied Linguistics, Hiroshima University)
  • B. Arts (Hons.) (Japanese and Literature, University of Newcastle)

Publications and Presentations

  • A Re-evaluation of the Triangle of Meaning (18th Asia Pacific Conference, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, 14 November 2020)
  • The Development of a Functional Function Word List from Form and Meaning (Bulletin of University Education Center, Fukuyama University (2020), Vol. 6. pp. 51-61)
  • An Investigation into the Logic of Zen Koans through Mental Spaces (Bulletin of University Education Center, Fukuyama University (2019), Vol. 5. Pp. 39-54.)
  • The Mental Spaces of Zen Koans – An Investigation into Its Logic (21st Chugoku Chapter Japan Communication Association Symposium, Hiroshima. 24 November 2018)
  • Second Language Learners Play the “Imitation Game” – The Use of Immediate Social Media to Understand Perceived Native-like Communication Strategies (Japan Communication Association, Hiroshima. 6 December 2016)
  • Kaku-an’s Ten Oxherd Pictures for Second Language Learning in the EFL Context (Bulletin of University Education Center, Fukuyama University (2016), Vol. 2.)
  • Metaphorically Speaking – Hurdles Language Teachers and Students Face (NeuroELT Brain Days, International Conference, Kyoto, Japan. 25-27 September, 2015)
  • Four people talk about how they acquired Japanese as a second language (JALT, Hiroshima, Japan. 25 November 2012)
  • Zen and (the Art of) English Language Teaching (Invited Speaker, Hiroshima JET Orientation Program, 15 August 2012)
  • Frequencies of the Spatial Prepositions AT, ON and IN in Native and Non-native Corpora (Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University (2012) Part II, Vol. 61. Pp. 219-228.)
  • Teaching function words: cognitive and corpus linguistic perspectives (JALT PanSIG Conference, Hiroshima University, 16 June 2012)
  • An Introduction to Corpus Linguistic Tools (as technical support for Kenneth Fordyce and Simon Frazer, Hiroshima University, Japan. 4 March 2011)
  • Linear Corpus Modelling (Japan Association English Corpus Studies, Tokyo, Japan. 10 October 2010)
  • Corpus Linguistics Workshop for English Language Teachers (JALT, Hiroshima, Japan. 18 July 2010)
  • Corpus Linguistics and Vocabulary Instruction (with Kenneth Fordyce, ETJ Expo, Hiroshima, Japan. 24 October 2010)
  • A Linear Corpus Model Study of Teacher Vocabulary Selection and Student Vocabulary Acquisition in a University Undergraduate Extensive Reading Course (Master’s Degree thesis, 2009)
    A Study of the Effects of Frequency on Implicit Vocabulary Learning
    (JACET, Hiroshima, Japan. 24 January 2008)
  • A Deconstruction of Three Kawabata Yasunari Short Stories (Japan Comparative Literature Association. Fukuoka, Japan. 1999)


  • Hiroshima JALT Committee (Treasurer, from 2015-2018)
  • JALT PanSIG 2012 Sub-committee (Local Publicity, 2012)
  • Hiroshima JALT Committee (Publicity Chair, 2010)

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